Dear Members

We are pleased to announce the names of our members who put forward their names as candidates for IJOC President and Board members. The list is in alphabetic order of the family name.

Candidates for President:

LUITEN, Willem

application documents

REY, Enrique

application documents



Candidates for Board members:


application documents

BIBER, Bilun

application documents


application documents


application documents


application documents

ŠALEK, Radovan

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application documents


application documents

This year we have a great selection of candidates for the Board. It is good to see the engagement and know that so many want to contribute to the Club.
In addition to the current President, Willem Luiten, running for re-election, one of the sitting board members, Enrique Rey, has also decided to put his name forward as a candidate for the position as President.

This situation creates two different scenarios, as Enrique Rey has already declared to the Board that, even if he is not elected as President, he has decided that he will serve the one remaining year of his term as Board member.

Scenario 1

In the event that Willem Luiten is re-elected for a full 3-year term, the election will follow the normal procedure and 2 new members will join the Board.

Scenario 2

The consequence of Enrique Rey becoming President will create a third open Board member positions, assuming that the General Assembly does not decide to change the total number of Board members that has stayed at 9 - a President plus 8 members - since the founding of the Club.

In this particular case, the two candidates with the most votes will be elected for a full term of three years. The candidate with the third most votes will also be elected, but will only serve the remaining time of Enrique Rey’s term: one year, 2019. In addition, the limitations regarding the maximum number of officials representing the same nationality (Statutes, Article 9) shall apply.

The online voting will be open in the next days.

If you require any further clarification, please contact the IJOC Secretary General.

Please see below a message from the FEI President.

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to let you know that the IOC Executive Board has today confirmed equestrian sport in the Olympic programme for the 2024 Games and approved the Olympic formats submitted by the FEI for the Tokyo 2020 Games. Our quota for the 2020 Games remains unchanged, and the IOC has also agreed to our proposal for the use of reserve athletes (horses and riders) for medical reasons.

This is fantastic news for our sport and a direct reflection of our willingness and desire to adapt and modernise our sport, so all the work to drive change and increase universality has clearly been worthwhile.

I would like thank all our National Federations for their cooperation, contribution and understanding around the format changes for Tokyo 2020 that were approved at last year’s General Assembly and which were absolutely necessary to consolidate our place in the Olympic Programme going forward.

With these new formats, which include teams of three and no drop score across the three Olympic disciplines, we will have more flags than ever before in equestrian sport in line with the IOC’s Agenda 2020 recommendations.

This is tremendous for the global equestrian family and the next phase on our agenda will be to find consensus on a proposal for the distribution of the quota for Tokyo. I hope that these discussions will be held in the same constructive atmosphere and with the same understanding that has served us so well in the past.

We are really looking forward to Tokyo 2020 and working hand in hand with all our National Federations to make these Games hugely successful.

We will be issuing a press release shortly on all of the above so please do share this fantastic news with all your members and media contacts.

Once again, thank you to all our NFs and dedicated Committee members for making this possible.

Yours sincerely,

Ingmar De Vos

FEI President

The 2018 FEI Sports Forum will take place in Lausanne on 26th and 27th March.

The draft minutes of the GA in Leipzig are available for download below.