FEI officials age limit extension policy.

There are currently age limits (and potential extensions) stated in the FEI Rules and Regulations for a number of FEI Officials.

Recommendation 3 of the Working Group on Officials proposes to develop a competency-based evaluation system with the goal of replacing the age limit. In order to accomplish this Recommendation 3 it is necessary to have previously completed the job descriptions with checklists for each relevant role. The new FEI Director of Education and Officials will take responsibility to progress on Recommendation 3.

Until this work is done and the competency-based evaluation system is being formalised, the FEI Board approved during its in-person meeting in Manama (BRN) on 17 November 2018, this policy whereby FEI Officials who have reached the relevant age limit in 2018 or will reach the relevant age limit in 2019 can apply to the FEI Secretary General for an extension.

As a consequence of it, all relevant rules (namely Article 144.4 of the FEI General Regulations, Article 259.1.3 of the FEI Jumping Rules, Article 512 of the FEI Eventing Rules and Article 1102.5 of the Veterinary Regulations) as well as the restrictions pertaining to age limit in the Disciplines’ Education System are kept on hold and will not be applied. Instead, the present policy shall apply for the granting of an age limit extension, where appropriate.

Policy Criteria

A. The present Policy applies to all FEI Officials and all levels in the FEI Disciplines AND Veterinary.

B. The FEI Official who has reached the relevant age limit in 2018 or will reach the relevant age limit in 2019 (the “Applicant”) shall address the request for extension to the FEI Secretary General through his/her National Federation. The request will be sent to the email address of the relevant Department’s Discipline or Veterinary Director’s email address and to officials@fei.org.

C. The Applicant must have been active for the past 2 years.

D. The Applicant must fulfil the requirements for maintenance of officiating status according to the Discipline requirements in regard to officiating and course attendance with a positive assessment within the past 2 years.

E. The Applicant must be in good standing with the FEI. To be in good standing means, but is not limited to:

  • Not have a pending disciplinary case by the FEI and/or National Federation;
  • Not have received a disciplinary sanction in the last 2 years;
  • Not have been in breach of the FEI Officials’ Code of Conduct.

F. The FEI Secretary General, in consultation with the Discipline Director and the Chair of relevant Technical Committee, shall at their sole discretion and on a case by case basis have the right to grant a 1 year extension.

G. A first 1 year extension may be renewed upon a new application; the same process described above shall apply.

H. FEI Officials who reached the relevant age limit in 2017 and before may only re-apply for an extension once the competency-based evaluation system is implemented.