Jon Doney Memorial Service

Mary Doney, the beloved wife of Jon Doney has asked for this invitation to be sent to those in the equestrian world who knew Jon:
“When Jon died we could only have 10 at the service.  Now it’s different.  Finally we are able to give him the send off he deserved.So on Friday 29 October at 12.00 noon we will be having an upbeat service at St. Giles Bredon, and inter his ashes afterwards.   This is very much a celebration of a life well lead and massive achievements!

As numbers are strictly limited the service and celebration of his life is by invitation only but it will be live streamed and details will be sent out nearer the time”

copyright of the photo: courtesy of British Showjumping

IJOC Case Studies

  • Group 1: 12.08.2021 19:00 CET
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  • Group 8: 23.08.2021 19:00 CET
  • Group 9: 23.08.2021 20:30 CET

IJOC Webinars.

We are very happy to announce that webinars 2021 are published.

Webinar 2021 No: 3 Mental preparation and stress management program for officials

Dr. Ridvan Ekmekci MA, PhD.

Part 3/3:

  1. Communication and positive psychology
  2. Practice


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More webinars will follow very soon!!!

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