FEI President, Ingmar de Vos will be a special guest during the round table “The Future of Officiating”, part of IJOC Officials Forum on 13th of January in Lisbon, POR.

2023 IJOC Officials Forum

Dear Colleagues,
We are pleased to invite you to the “2023 Officials Forum”, including the IJOC General Assembly and the FEI CES Maintenance Courses with Assessment taking place in Lisbon on 13-17 January 2023. The FEI courses include judges, stewards and the course designers.
In this document we provide all practical details with regards to our “2023 IJOC Officials Forum” as well as the entry form that you need to complete to register for the event. Detailed  information about event can be found HERE.

Remuneration policy for FEI Jumping Officials

Dear Friend Jumping Official,

On behalf of the International Jumping Officials Club (IJOC), we hope this letter finds you well.

As you all know, we’ve been actively working on a proposal to improve the remuneration policy for FEI Jumping Officials at international jumping events. The past few months the board of our club has been closely working together with different stakeholders (like the Equestrian Organisers) and the FEI. We are delighted to inform you that yesterday during the yearly FEI Hybrid General Assembly in Cape Town (South Africa) the new policy has been approved. These new amounts (with differentiation between levels, shows and even regions) outlined in the table, will go into effect as of January 1st, 2023.

This is a starting point in our journey for more professionalism and of course not the ending point. We want to continue on this path and start additional discussions on how to move forward in the near future together with all stakeholders, including but not limited to evaluation of officials and appointment of officials.

During our 2023 Officials Forum in Lisbon (Portugal), where we will also have our General Assembly as well as different maintenance courses, we want to talk to you about these challenges ahead of us and have a roundtable about “The Future of Officiating”. We are looking forward to meet you there in Lisbon and talk about the future.

Kind Regards,

Ali Küçük                                                                               Glenn Maes
Secretary General                                                                 President

Full text can be found HERE.

FEI insurance coverage policy.

HERE is the summary of the updated current insurance coverage for FEI officials or any other person acting in an official capacity on behalf of the FEI, specifically appointed and sent by the FEI to an event or a meeting.

This is to certify that policies of insurance and coverage listed at the document have been issued to the FEI and are in force.

Update CES Maintenance 2022.

In December 2021, FEI implemented amendments of the officials education system. A short summary of the changes in 2022, can  find HERE. All FEI Officials will be informed via personal email, exoplanetary video and FEI inside on 16 December 2021.

PCR testing expenses for FEI Officials.

Official position of FEI legal department regarding PCR testing expenses for FEI Officials, can  find HERE.

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