• To contribute to the independent position of show jumping officials as well as the impartial exercise of their duties;
  • To cooperate with international equestrian associations and other associations concerning course designing, judging and stewarding at international show jumping events under the patronage of the FEI;
  • To assist in the continuous training of, and to organize meetings and seminars for, its Members;
  • To defend and represent the interests of its Members;
  • To provide statements and opinions about course designing, judging and stewarding matters and about the future development of the FEI jumping rules;
  • To act as an expert body in its field towards the FEI and other international equestrian organisations, especially in matters regarding the technical aspects of international show jumping events;
  • To keep in close contact with the FEI and other organisations in equestrian sport, such as but not limited to the International Jumping Riders Club (IJRC), the International Association of Chefs d’Equipe in Show Jumping (IACS) and the International Equestrian Organisers Alliance (IEOA);
  • To promote and preserve good horsemanship and the welfare of the horse in general, in keeping with the spirit of the FEI Code of Conduct.