How to pay the annual membership fee?

If you are approved IJOC members there are three possible ways to pay your annual membership fee:

  1. via PayPal
  2. with bank transfer
    Account name:
     International Jumping Officials Club (IJOC)
    Account number 16 61 52 048
    IBAN NL10RABO0166152048
    BIC (Swift) RABONL2U
    Bovenburen 30
    9675 HG Winschoten
    The Netherlands
  3. with card during IJOC General Assembly / Maintenance Course

If you wish to use PayPal, as a gentle reminder please verify if you have previously checked the box for a recurring payment in your PayPal account at We all wish to avoid duplicate payments. In the event you have made a duplicate payment you have two options. The first option is to advise the Secretary General in writing that you wish to apply the payment to your 2023 membership. The second option is to request a refund. The refund will be appear in your PayPal account less the cost of the refund.



Annual membership fee is the sum of 70 EUR.
All IJOC members are required to pay this in order to be active. The sum is for one calendar year.
New members, who apply for membership after 1st October, will be active for the coming calendar year upon receipt of the full membership fee.

The subscription is software mechanism to access the full content of IJOC website. If you pay via your website account with PayPal then your subscription is activated automatically with the payment.
If you pay offline you need to email IJOC in order that we activate your subscription manually.
Subscription is active 2 months after the end of the calendar year of your paid membership fee. These two months are free as some of our members pay their annual membership during the GA and it takes time to activate their subscription after the event.
For more information see the main section of this page.

Please refer to our bank details below.

Account name:
International Jumping Officials Club (IJOC)
Account number 16 61 52 048
IBAN NL10RABO0166152048
Bovenburen 30
9675 HG Winschoten
The Netherlands

Annual membership fee is 70€

Payment of membership fee and activation of website subscription:

After payment of your annual membership you have to activate your subscription through our website. Only active subscription gives you full access to all website functionalities and features. In the next steps we will explain how you can do it.

To activate your subscription:

Login at IJOC website with username your email and the password.

If you have forgot your password you can reset it with click on Forgot Password. You will receive email with link to reset it.

If you have current active subscription:

Step 1. After the login click on menu Subscription and you will see the following screen:

Step 2. Click Renew and from the next screen choose method of payment.

If you choose Credit Card as payment method after successful payment your annual subscription will be activated automatically.

If you choose PayPal as payment method after successful payment your annual subscription will be activated automatically.

If you choose the offline method – bank transfer, to activate your subscription after the payments please follow Step 2.

If you have paid with bank transfer please inform us by email, that you have made the payment and we will activate your subscription manually.

If you DO NOT have current active subscription:

After the login you will be redirected automatically to Step 2. Follow the instructions.

For any questions please contact us by email