Annika Pihl Motivation Letter

Annika Pihl

Motivation Letter for IJOC Board

My name is Annika Pihl. I have been an international judge for 20 years. I am from Sweden and I live about 50 kilometers east of Malmö. I live in the countyside and I have two jumping horse at home (and a dog and three cats). I am married since the year 2000.

I am really into horses and show jumping. I am a riding instructor, a teacher in hippology and a trainer in show jumping. Since the beginning of 2023 I am working as operations manager at a big riding school in Malmö, with 60 horses and about 450 riding students every week.

I love being in the equestrian sport. I judge almost every two week throughout the year.

What do I do for the Swedish Equestrian Federation? I am one (out of three) tutors for new jumping judges and also in charge for doing the yearly refreshment courses. This is also something I am very passionate about, the education of new jumping judges. To pass on everything I have learnt.

I am also (together with two other show jumping judges) responsible for the rules and regulations in show jumping in Sweden.

I hope I can do some contribution to the IJOC.

Annika Pihl