Elections 2019.

IJOC President and board are elected by the members of the club. To achieve sustainable governance we apply rotation system of election of the board members.

The President and the Members of the Board are elected for a period of three years and they remain in office until the end of the third annual General Assembly after their election, unless they resign or cease to be Members for any other reason.

Following the good practice form last few years we will use online voting system for election of the candidates. Down you can see the timeline for the elections.

Download Appeal for candidates

Download Letter announcing the names of the candidates

More information about the systetm of the election you can find at IJOC statute.

Open positions.

IJOC President

Willem Luiten was elected as IJOC President in January 2018. Because he stepped in the term of the previous President Stephan Ellenbruch the term of Willem Luiten is only 1 year and he is eligible for re-election for a new 3 years term (2019-2021).

Two places for board members

We have two board members Frances Hesketh-Jones Triulzi and Jane Pelly which 3 years term is expired. Both are eligible for re-election because this is their first term in the board. With letter to the IJOC board both of them declared they will not seek re-election.

Both newly elected board members will have 3 years term (2019-2021).