Change of Time Allowed:


 Amsterdam 2019

You are judging a Table A 238.2.2 competition. It is clear after the first two competitors that the time allowed is too generous so, in consultation with the course designer, you reduce the time allowed by 4 seconds from 71 secs to 67secs. This alteration is announced over the main loud speaker as well as in the warm up arena. It takes a little time for you to confirm that the announcements have been made in the warm up. The course plan in the warm up was not altered.

The 9th rider is about to start his round, the horse naps/resists and he ends up being 6.70secs over the countdown. The rider jumps a clear round but finishes on a time of 67.31secs which incurs 1 time fault.

The rider comes to you and complains saying the course plan was not altered and he did not hear the announcements as he was not in the warm up. He wants his time fault to be removed so he can start in the jump off.

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