2023 IJOC Officials Forum

Dear Colleagues,
We are pleased to invite you to the “2023 Officials Forum”, including the IJOC General Assembly and the FEI CES Maintenance Courses with Assessment taking place in Lisbon on 13-17 January 2023. The FEI courses include judges, stewards and the course designers.
In this document we provide all practical details with regards to our “2023 Officials Forum” as well as the entry form that you need to complete to register for the event.

On behalf of the IJOC Board

  • Glenn Maes (President)
  • Ali Kücuk (Secretary General)
  • Laura Van de Graaf (Event Director)


Link for registration to our events in Lisbon


This year, we would like to remind you that the FEI CES Maintenance Course (with assessment exam at the end) applications are done via your NF to the FEI while all the other registrations and payments are done to the IJOC.

If you wish to attend the courses  without an assessment at the end, you still need to register via this link and make the corresponding payment.

For this case you do not need to be entered at your NF/FEI.

In case you do not take the exam at the end of a course, please note that your attendance will not count as having fulfilled an FEI CES Maintenance Course (previous name In-Person Maintenance Course).

The earlier you decide and register, the better for us to be able to organise a well-run event.

Last but not least, we would like to remind once again that the sessions 1,2, and 3 on Friday are open  to IJOC members only.