Stephan Hellwig Motivation Letter

Stephan Hellwig

Motivation Letter for IJOC Board
I have enjoyed my time as rider in jumping competitions followed by organizing national and international shows in Germany. In addition to be active I our sport I also know the “other side” as national course designing and stewarding at two Olympic Games. Since 1999 I am a national judge, in 2008 I started international judging, in the meantime up to Level 3. From 2000 to 2006 I worked for der German FN as an event manger with the responsibility for all International and national Championships and FEI-Seminar organized and carried out in Germany.
With this background I believe I can assess the most diverse areas of our rapidly developing sport from the respective perspectives and the resulting demands.
If I am elected to the club’s board, I will bring all my equestrian knowledge and experience to prepare the club for the challenges that arise in the future.
It will be an honor for me to be an IJOC Board member and to contribute my part to this already improving institution. Working together to realize the above changes/goals, which set my reasons of motivation.
Stephan Hellwig