Finish line (for the first phase) is after obstacle number 9, instead of after 8

IJOC 2022

CSI2*   2 phase normal.  Obstacles in first phase (1-8), second phase  (9-13)

Before the start of the competition, the course designer sees a time-keeping staff walking with the optic start-finish line machines in his hand. The last fence of the first phase (no 8)  and the last fence of the second phase (no 13)  are next to each other, and there is one finish line there…the judges and riders are walking the course.

The CD thinks that he still has time for lunch and does not notice that the class started already. He sees (from where he is seated) 3 riders and 2 already have time-fault in phase 1.  He then runs to the jury box and asks if the time is too short, and requests from the GJ to change the time.

The jury says it’s too late as the 5th horse is starting, and adds that the time is fine.  Just that the first groups of riders were a bit slow. The CD says it still feels short, but it’s too late so the class resumes. When there are 5 riders left for the class to finish, (total of 25 starters), the CD goes again to the jury box for checking the results, and notices that 6 riders had time faults in the first phase.

While watching the last riders, the CD suddenly realises that finish line (for the first phase) is standing after obstacle number 9, instead of after 8. Riders jump until fence number 9 in the first phase and no one stops after no 8. So it’s not so strange that the time is short.

The course plan in front of the judges says clearly 1-8 & 9-13 and the lines are right. Also the plan on internet is correct. No rider, no trainer, no judges have noticed it.  What action would you take as GJ ?  Only 3 riders left in the class.

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