Recommendations of FEI Working Group on Officials.

Presented at 26-27 March 2018, during FEI Sport Forum, Lausanne

  • Recommendation 1: Introduction of a single Code of Conduct for all FEI Officials.
  • Recommendation 2: Introduction of job descriptions with check lists for all FEI Officials.
  • Recommendation 3: Develop a competency-based evaluation system with the goal of replacing the age limit.
  • Recommendation 4: To have an FEI controlled rolling education calendar.
  • Recommendation 5:  To improve the quality of education material and course delivery.
  • Recommendation 6: FEI to establish a new course director education program and funding.
  • Recommendation 7: All Disciplines should make extensive use of the new e-Learning platform FEI Campus.
  • Recommendation 8: Compulsory NF recommendation only upon entering first level of FEI qualification.
  • Recommendation 9: FEI to establish a common fund, to support developing Officials in getting more officiating experience.
  • Recommendation 10: FEI to introduce “rotation” for FEI Officials at FEI events.
  • Recommendation 11: FEI to create a “Development Pool” for FEI Officials.
  • Recommendation 12: FEI to extend the number of FEI Officials appointed to FEI Events in all disciplines (incl. Mentoring).