New fence at Jump off:

 Amsterdam 2019

You look at the course plan for a Table A Art 238.2.2 competition you are about to judge.

You notice that in the jump off an extra obstacle has been added (fence 15) and the triple bar has been changed to an oxer.

Would you have any concerns about this?

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  1. Jean Michel Turlot
    Jean Michel Turlot says:

    Obstacle 15 is one of the two additional single obstacles allowed in the jump-off (Art 246.7).
    Obstacle 13a (triple bar changed to an oxer for the jump-off) is not an additional single obstacle (it is now built differently) and is also allowed if that change is clearly indicated in the course plan (this is the case) and in the case new material is used if that change of material is approved by the GJ (also Art 246.7)

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