Jump off. Knock down at the main round:

IJOC 2021

You are President of the Ground Jury at a CSI1*. It is Saturday, and the jump-off of the last class of the day, the Grand Prix run under JRs Art 238.2.2, is taking place.

17 athletes have qualified for the jump off.

The 15th athlete has completed his round and is currently ranked 5th.

The event director comes to the judges box and informs the Ground Jury that he has been told by some spectators sitting in the ringside restaurant that this athlete had a knock-down in the initial round at obstacle number 7 which is situated directly in front of where they were setting.

The last two athletes in the jump off do not jump clear, so the ranking does not change.

There is an official event video company, but it will take them approximately 5 minutes after the end of the class to be able to show the video of that athlete’s round to the Ground Jury.

The OC and athletes are impatient for the final results and to commence with the prize giving ceremony where, according to the schedule, the top 5 athletes are invited to attend

As President of the Ground Jury, how do you proceed and what action, if any, do you take?

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