Horse shoe. Knock down:

IJOC 2021

You are judging a competition run under JRs Art 238.2.1. Obstacle number 5 is at the far end of the arena and, as you feel you are able to judge it adequately, you have not requested the assistance of a member of the arena party to signal eventual faults.

An athlete/horse jump the obstacle and you notice that the top pole falls. However, as you have a feeling this is not entirely clear, you ask the free GJ member to look at the video, which is available immediately in the judges box. It is obvious that the pole fell because it was hit by one of the horse’s shoes, which had loosened, and flow off. Consequently, the decision was taken to remove the initial 4 faults awarded.

In the meantime, the athlete had continued his round, but pulled up after obstacle number 7 and left the arena. The Ground Jury recorded the result as “Retired.”

The athlete becomes aware that the 4 faults initially awarded had been corrected, and comes to the judges box to say he wants to have the opportunity to complete is round.

What options are available to the Ground Jury, and what would you decision be?

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