Elimination after a bell:

IJOC 2021

You are judging a 6 year-old competition.

An athlete has a disobedience with a disturbance at obstacle number 10. You ring the bell, but the athlete continues, circles and then jumps number 11, the last obstacle on the course.

The Ground Jury eliminates the athlete for jumping an obstacle after the bell has rung to interrupt the round.

After a few minutes, the athlete accompanied by the event director comes to the judges box. They both assert that it was not possible to hear the bell from the arena, and request that the result is changed.

As the president of the class, you explain the reason for your actions, which are supported by the other Ground Jury members and the President. However, you have already agreed with your colleagues beforehand that, as it is raining hard and all of the doors and windows in the box are closed, you cannot be sure that the bell could be heard outside.

The official event video is available, but unfortunately you can only hear the music that is playing, and not the bell.

How do you deal with the situation, and what is your final decision?

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