Parachute team lands at the arena:

IJOC 2021

You are judging a competition running under JRs Art 238.2.2 and it is a very windy day.

An athlete is approaching obstacle number 5, a double combination. The horse suddenly stops and spins around, clearly alarmed by something.

At the same time, you become aware that chaos was erupting in the warm-up arena that is clearly visible from the judges box.

It becomes apparent that the cause of this disturbance is a parachute display team who have started to land in both the competition and warm up arenas. Later, you learn that they were blown off-course by strong winds.

The athlete decides to leave the arena until normal conditions resume. The competition re-starts and when the judges ring the bell for the athlete to resume his round, he starts from obstacle no 1, completes the round and qualifies for the jump off, after which he is ranked in 3rd place.

The 4th-placed athlete protests, stating that the 3rd-placed athlete should not have been allowed to compete in the jump-off because, although he had a disobedience in the initial round, he was allowed to restart his course from the first obstacle because of the parachutists’ disturbance.

How would you handle this situation, and what would your decision be?

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