Q1:  Congratulations on your election as the new board member of the IJOC.Can you remind our members again your current profession and your FEI functions as official ?

By profession I am an Architect Engineer, now re-tired. I first became an FEI official (Candidate Judge Jumping) in 1993 and today I am an L3 Judge for Jumping, and a Steward L3 Jumping, L3 Dressage and L2 Endurance.

Q2:  What are your personal goals to contribute to the IJOC in near future ?

To help maintain, diversify and develop our annual meetings as well as the webinar series. To help with the “history” of IJOC on our site as in the past there are lessons that help us shape the future.

Q3:  The first board meeting of the IJOC is already conducted. What were your impressions?

I found myself within a dedicated group of people who show that they have the will & ability to lead and to solve problems, working all together in a friendly atmosphere.

Q4:  You have attended the IJOC General Assembly in Rome and the accompanying Officials Forum and FEI Courses.What were your impressions ?

The successful organisation, the good keeping to the schedule’s time, the proximity of the social happening to the hotel
Things to solve: the “topic” of observers and how to marry it with the demands of FEI  re: the IPMCs

Q5:  What do you think about the IJOC Webinars ?

They are really good supplement to our knowledge and experience; in a way they are the sequel of our yearly meetings as they were before IPMCs.

Many thanks

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