Amsterdam 2019

You are judging a Grand Prix class under Table A Art 238.2.2 and there are only 3 clear rounds to go forward to the jump off. The course designer has changed the course and everything is ready. The first rider enters the arena, you ring the bell and he starts his round. He is very fast and takes shortcuts wherever possible. He jumps the second to last fence and is still clear. At this moment, the commentator thinks he has finished his round and starts the clear round jingle and encourages the audience to clap and cheer. The rider jumps the last fence and has it down finishing with 4 faults in 36.40secs.

The second rider finishes with 4 faults in 40.29sec and the third rider completes a steady clear in 44.70sec.

The first rider comes to the Judges box and complains that all the noise and cheering distracted his horse causing it to have the last fence down and he wants the faults removed.

What would you do?

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