Problem with the lights:

 Amsterdam 2019

You are judging a Table A Art Grand Prix class with top class riders in an outdoor arena under floodlights.

Fence 5 is a vertical with a related distance of 5 strides to a strong one-stride double with an oxer as part A and a vertical at B.

The first competitor comes into the arena and you ring the bell and start the countdown. The rider jumps clear to fence 5 but as he is just about to jump fence 6 the lights in that corner of the arena go out. The horse crashes through the oxer, refuses at B and the rider retires. You realise that the horse has also ripped a shoe off as a member of the arena party runs after the rider holding it.

After about 15 minutes it is obvious that nobody seems to be able to fix the problem with the lights in that corner of the arena. You have a discussion with the course designer who agrees that he can make the double very much easier so it is jumpable even in the reduced light. You agree with this solution.

How would you proceed with respect to the rider who has already retired?

What would you do if this happened after 6 riders had jumped?

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