My name is Annika Pihl. I am a showjumping judge level 3 and I am from Sweden. I have been a international judge since 2004. I used to compete in showjumping myself and really love the sport.

Q1: Congratulations on your election as the new board member of the IJOC.Can you remind our members again your current profession and your FEI functions as official ?I work with horses and people every day. For the moment (since January 2023) I work as operations manager at a big riding club/school in Malmö. I have 25 employees and 50 horses at the riding club. I also work for the Swedish Equestrian Federation as a teacher for new showjumping judges in Sweden and also as a supervisor for annual refreshment courses for showjumping judges. I also work with the Swedish rules and regulations.

Q2: What are your personal goals to contribute to the IJOC in near future ?

I would like to contribute to the IJOC as much as I can. I would like to work with the webinars, education, rules and to make more officials interested to join our club.

Q3: The first board meeting of the IJOC is already conducted. What were your impressions?

A lot of experienced people, all willing to put a lot of effort for the club and for the members of IJOC. The meeting was very well organized.

Q4: You have attended the IJOC General Assembly in Rome and the accompanying Officials Forum and FEI Courses.What were your impressions ?

The meeting in Rome was well organized. I think it is always good to meet and talk with other officials. The programme was good. I think however, that it would benefit everybody to know the correct answers to the questions on the test (like on the on line test). For me, who has worked for several years as a teacher, it’s good for the students to know what they did right and what they did wrong even if they passed the test. The General Assembly was nice.

Q5: What do you think about the IJOC Webinars ?

I really love the webinars. I think it is a good source for knowledge. The webinars is really something good that the “covid-pandemic-time” brought to us. Very interesting and good. Easy for people to join and to listen. I am also a board member of a Swedish association, and we have also started with webinars. It is indeed a great success.

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  1. Eilish Mulholland
    Eilish Mulholland says:

    Congratulations Annika, I totally agree with your answer to Q4 that it would benefit everyone to know the correct answers to the test.

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