Stephan Hellwig (GER)

Q1:  Congratulations on your election as the new board member of the IJOC.Can you remind our members again your current profession and your FEI functions as official ?

I am currently working as a managing director in a medium-sized company in the electronics industry. My function as an FEI official is Jumping Judge Level 3.

Q2:  What are your personal goals to contribute to IJOC in near future ?

With the background of multiple functions (Judge, Steward and OC-member) I believe I can assess the most diverse areas of our rapidly developing sport from the respective perspectives and the resulting demands.

Q3:  What do you think about the IJOC Webinars ?

The seminars are one of the numerous tools from the IJOC toolbox with which we reach many members. It can be achieved by ensuring that our members worldwide apply the same approach to assessing situations and incidents.

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