Nations Cup, change of the result after finish of the first round

IJOC 2022

After the first round of a Nations Cup competition, the results are announced and the ranking of the teams published on the video screens.

Five minutes before the start of the second round a chef d’equipe saw on the screen at the warm-up  that the result of his team (and the team ranking) was changed. The team’s ranking is now lower. An athlete who had 4 pp at the first round is now shown with 8 pp. At the venue there is a very good sound system but this change of result was not announced.

The Chef d’equipe goes into the jury box and asks the PGJ why the result was changed. PGJ answers him to go talk to FJ as he was the one who  changed the results. FJ was also the president of that class.  When asked, the FJ provides the following explanation.  The chef d’equipe of another team came and showed him a photo. The chef d’equipe who presented the photo claims that this photo showed a pole not in the cup and that this is a knockdown. The chef d’equipe  of the team for which the result was changed states that this photo is not legitimate evidence because nobody can confirm when the photo was taken, and after which athlete. The chef d’equipe refuses to see the photo. The fence was built the previous night and was at the arena all day long without any change in terms of position and dimension.

The other judges tell the chef d’equipe  that they did not agree with the decision of the FJ but he still changed the result without discussion and agreement of the other judges. Attached is the photo.

The chef d’equipe  declared that he will protest the process of taking the decision, as it is not possible to appeal against a knockdown decision.

The PGJ answer to him that this is not necessary because they do not have a decision. Chef d’equipe stated that obviously they have decision because the result on the screen was changed.

If you were the Foreign Judge of the event (as well as the judge at the bell of this class) what would be your action ?

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