Six-bar Competition:

You are Foreign Judge of the GJ at a CSI5*

You are judging a б-bar Competition, which is the major class of a sold-out evening session. Twelve Athletes take part in the initial round. The prize money is 12.500 €. Due to the size of the arena, the Course Designer built obstacles 1 and 2 on the long side and obstacles 3 – 6 on the diagonal.

Four Athletes are qualified for the third Jump-Off. Three of them finish with 4 penalties; only the last Athlete has a clear round.

This Athlete, knowing that he is the winner of the competition, continues to gallop after crossing the finishing line to celebrate his victory. The Athlete removes his protective headgear and throws it high in the air. He then continues galloping with full speed for a second round, clearly approaching and jumping obstacles 1 and 2, which are still in in the arena but properly crossed out.

The crowd is cheering, giving the Athlete standing ovations.

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