Sponsor fence with aluminium poles:

IJOC 2021

A Level 3 Course Designer has been invited to a CSI 4* event. The Organising Committee has sent her photographic documentation of their obstacle material, and indicates that it is very important to use a custom-built sponsor obstacle in the main competitions.  She confirms that this will be possible, and compliments the OC on their material.

When she arrives at the venue and inspects the obstacle material in person, she realises that the sponsor’s poles weigh between 8 – 10 kg, are 10cm in diameter, 3m in length and made of aluminium tubing. There are no wooden poles or planks in the right colours.

She asks for a meeting with the President of the Ground Jury to discuss the situation.

Regardless of whether you are the Course Designer or the President of the Ground Jury, who do you believe should be present at the meeting, what do you expect would be discussed and how do you think the situation could be resolved?

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