Withdraw / reenter horse for GP:

You are the Foreign Judge at a CSI4*.

Acc. to the schedule, among others, the winner of a competition on Thursday is qualified for the final of the medium tour on Sunday. On Friday afternoon, the groom of winning horse comes to the show office, declares that the rider won’t compete anymore with his winning horse for the rest of the show and asks for the passport.

On Saturday morning, the groom returns to show office and hands over the passport to the show secretary again.

On Saturday afternoon, the rider tells the show secretary, that he has changed his mind and that he now wants to make an entry for his horse for the final on Sunday, mentioning that he has the right to start, because he won the competition on Thursday.

The show director and the President of the Ground Jury contact the rider to ask him for reasons. The rider explains that after the good performance of the horse on Thursday, there was somebody interested to buy the horse. This “potential buyer” had two conditions:

The horse shouldn’t be entered in any other competition and he wanted to see the passport. Later on, they couldn’t agree on the price and the rider didn’t sell the horse. Therefore, the rider wants to compete with this horse on Sunday.

What are your thoughts and what is your advice?

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